About us

B-Trust is a registered trademark of electronic signatures issued by BORICA AD.


BORICA AD is a Certification Services Provider (CSP) registered in the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC) with certificate No 2/25.09.2003, and CRC decision No 994/09.09.2010 in accordance with the legal and regulatory framework in force.


BORICA AD is a joint-stock company owned by the Bulgarian National Bank and the commercial banks in the country. The company satisfies the needs of its shareholders and customers meeting and maintaining high standards for quality, reliability and security.


BORICA AD develops and maintains the basic IT infrastructure of the payment industry in Bulgaria.


BORICA AD develops, operates and maintains a national PKI infrastructure for issuance of electronic signature certificates and certificate services with B-Trust as a certification authority.


BORICA AD has 28 offices – a central and trade office in Sofia and 26 regional offices in all district cities in the country.


The bank account to pay B-Trust services and products is:

IBAN: BG72UNCR75271059563024

UniCredit Bulbank


For more information visit www.borica.bg
0700 199 10