Electronic signatures

There are different kinds of B-Trust electronic signatures - for different usage and needs.



For individuals.

38.40 BGN for 1 year
60.60 BGN for 3 years

Includes a smart card and a card reader.


For legal entities.

76.80 BGN for 1 year
158.70 BGN for 3 years

Includes a smart card and a card reader.
Electronic signature adviser
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Certifies the identity of a server and ensures secure communication with it.New signature 144 BGN for 1 year.
240 BGN for 2 years
300 BGN for 3 years.


Certifies the identity of a software or information object and proves its authorship. 240 BGN for one year.


Provides access to a corporate server, protects e-mail or serves internal company purposes.18 BGN for one year.
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Still don't have a signature?
Where electronic signatures are used?
Everywhere where electronic services are provided, requiring secure exchange of data and authentication of users.
Check the price of the electronic signature that you need. The price of each type of signature is different, depending on its usage.
All documents and forms on one page.
System requirements
You can use an electronic signature with a wide range of operating systems and browsers. Check which one are supported.
Already have a signature?
You should install the required software and make some settings in order to start working with your signature. If your signature is new, if you have changed your PC, or if you have reinstalled your operating system, you should perform the installation process.
If you have received a notification that the term of validity of your electronic signature is expiring, please submit a request for renewal.
Temporary suspension, resumption and termination
In case of special circumstances, you could temporarily suspend or terminate your electronic signature.
Test for operation

Make sure that your electronic signature functions properly before you start using it.

Software and utilities
Download the specialized software that will help you easily set up your computer and sign files.
Certification chains
Please, install the certification chains so that your electronic signature operates properly. Here you could find all the official certificates of the Certification Services Provider – BORICA AD at one place: basic, operational, for time.
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