Electronic signature installation


Once you have your electronic signature issued, in order to use it you should install specific software on your computer and register the signature in the web browser.

  • Internet Explorer

    Download the installation package


Step by step:


1. Enter the e-mail address, included in the digital signature to download the installation package

Go to the folder where the package has been downloaded and run it.

Click the „Install“ button and follow the instructions.

2. Installation steps

  • The installation application checks whether all technical requirements for installation of the signature are available.
  • The wizard provides information about the found card readers that are connected to the computer.
  • A procedure for installation of software for management of the smart card, containing the electronic signature, is executed (this step may be omitted).
  • The installer offers automatic configuration of the found web browsers and other software that can operate with electronic signatures. Select the web browsers that you want to be set.

3. Restart

At the end of the procedure you are asked to restart the computer. Please do so, in order to be sure that everything is installed and works properly.

4. Check whether your signature is working

Go to the page Test of an electronic signature and follow the instructions. If the verification is successful, your signature has been installed and configured correctly and you can use it.

Otherwise, you will see the reason why your signature is still not working. Try to remove it by following the suggested solutions or contact our Help desk.

5. Register your signature in the web sites of the electronic services that you intend to use

Go to the page Where electronic signatures are used, select the provider that you need and read the information related to the use of electronic signatures.

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