Personal Electronic Signature

This signature is intended for individuals, representing themselves.

Price without a card and a reader:
12 BGN for 1 year, VAT included.
34.20 BGN for 3 years, VAT included.
The price includes: a Qualified Electronic Signature certificate and a set of smart card and a USB reader.

38.40 BGN for 1 year 

60.60 BGN for 3 years

  • Necessary documents
  • Installation

In order to get a Personal Electronic Signature issued, the Author (the individual) should submit  a request.

The electronic signature should be received by the Author or his/her authorized representative in person at office of BORICA AD. An ID should be presented upon receipt.

Documents required for issuance:

  1. ID card of the Author or his/her representative, if another person is authorized to receive the signature.
  2. Notarized power of attorney, in case that the certificate will be issued to a person empowered by the Titular or received in the name of the Titular.
  3. Contract for certification services. The contract will be provided for signature upon receipt of the electronic signature at BORICA’s office. You can read the contract in advance in the "Documents" section.
  4. Filled online request for electronic signature.
0700 199 10