Problems and solutions


  • 1. Failed authorization with electronic signature in the NRA.
  • 2. Internet Explorer does not find the electronic signature.
  • 3. Internet Explorer finds the electronic signature, but does not require entering a PIN code.

  • 4. Message for error in the electronic services of the NRA: “Smart card not inserted”.

  • 5. Message for error in the electronic services of the NRA: “The file cannot be found”.

  • 6. Your certificate has been renewed and stored on a card, but you cannot use the electronic services of the NRA.
  • 7. The indicator light on your card reader “flashes”, you cannot use your signature.
  • 8. After installation of an electronic signature the card is not recognized (the signature cannot be used). 
  • 9. Your computer does not respond after inserting the card reader. 
  • 10. Message for loading libraries in the e-services of the Customs Agency and the Registry Agency.
  • 11. The ActiveX installation bar does not appear in Internet Explorer.
  • 12. Unblocking smart card in case of blocked PIN code.
  • 13. Error upon submitting a request for issuance and renewal of QES using MS Windows XP, MS Windows 7 and MS IE operating systems.
  • 14. My antivirus program detects the e-signatures as a virus.
  • 15. I cannot sign with an electric signature in the Commercial Register. Java is not loading.
  • 16. Problem with the operation of the electronic signature after updating to Windows 10.
  • 17. Signing electronic documents. Combo Lite is not supported
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