Professional Electronic Signature

This signature is intended for legal entities. You represent and sign on behalf of the company or other legal entity.

Price without a card and a card reader:

50.40 BGN for 1 year, VAT included.

132.30 BGN for 3 years, VAT included.

The price includes: a Qualified Electronic Signature certificate and a set of smart card and a USB reader.

76.80 BGN for 1 year

158.70 BGN for 3 years

  • Necessary documents
  • Installation

The Professional Electronic Signature is issued to an individual – Author. It certifies his/her professional commitment to a legal entity (company, organization, freelance). The individual is an Author and the legal entity – a Titular of the electronic signature.

The individual – the Author can be:

  • employee in the organization
  • an authorized person – e.g. an accountant or consultant.

Documents required for issuing Professional Electronic Signature:

For the company (the Titular):

  1. Certificate of registration in the Commercial Register or other document certifying the legal status of the company/organization.
  2. ID card of the authorized representatives of the Titular (or of the person authorized to represent him/her) – an original and a copy of both sides – manually signed;
  3. Notarized power of attorney. It is required only in cases when the Titular authorizes a representative to represent him/her before a Certification Services Provider for issuance and receipt of electronic signatures.
  4. Contract for certification services. It is signed by the Titular or the authorized by him/her representative when they visit BORICA’s office. You can read the contract in advance in the "Documents" section.

For each individual (Author), to whom an electronic signature will be issued:

0700 199 10